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I like all kinds of music. I hope you do, too. ❤ lo-fi • dream pop • bedroom pop • shoegaze • indie • folk • electronic • hip-hop • beats • house • jazz • ambient To us the internet has been a creative revolution which set free a new dimension of innovative music, music that is yet hidden and waiting to be discovered. We see it as our mission to bring it to light. In the same sense as a museum or gallery, we carefully select music from online. Our attention goes to everything that has got soul – from hip hop to indie, electronic, r&b and pop. We don’t care about trends, genres or names. We value authenticity and diversity, things that spark memories and emotions in us. Majestic Casual is not just an online music blog it’s a home for people who want discover and experience music in a new way and a platform for exceptional creators to be exposed. Majestic Casual is not to be thought of as an end, but an arrow that points. →

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